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overcoming fear and correcting leanred behavior
I bought my first horse last October, a 5 year old quarterhorse - one of my lifelong goals achieved - woo-hoo! He was quite well trained, and I was hoping to continue his training in teaching him neck reining and also to get a bit more practice actively working and sorting cows, as he was only used to working in a feedlot. Two days before he was to go to winter pasture, I was warming him up in the arena and he was spooked by the starting of a chainsaw on the adjoining property - he began to buck and I was thrown off, suffering a back injury. No one else was at the arena at the time, so being greener than green as a rider, injured and shaking terribly, I never got back on. Yes, I do feel the fear and aprehension when I go near my horse thinking of one day getting back up on him. The time I do spend with Newt when I go visit, I've worked him in the round pen, and I brush and massage him and just be near, but I know I will most likely be scared to death to get on him again. Does anyone have some words of wisdom for me in conquering my fear - I really don't have anyone to ride with, so it will most likely be something I have to overcome by myself. Is there any hope for us?

So now, after being out in the pasture with 6 other horses from November to May, Newt has gone from a sweet loving horse I could go right up to, to a "I dare you to catch me if you can" attitude, learned learned from the other horses. What is the best way to correct this?

I live 120 miles from Newt, so I don't get to see him much, and the trainer insists my horse knows nothing more than being a green-broke horse and is working him as such. When he puts the saddle on in the round pen, Newt is fine with that, but then goes into a trot and bucks and snorts wildly now. What happened? How can I correct this?

I am looking for a reputable trainer and to move him closer to me, but would greatly appreciate your experitse and suggestions. Neither of us have gotten off to a good start, and the dream of galloping across the prairie with the wind in my hair is a long way off. I don't want another horse, I want this one. I'm a single middle-aged lady, green in riding and owning, and am doing all of this on my own, so yes, I most likely broke several of the "Never do this" rules. I truly want to make this dream come true. My funding is limited but I have a stack of books on hand now to refer to. Is there still hope for Newt and me as a team? We are in need of an extreme start over - I need your words of wisdom and encouragement to make my dream come true. Can anyone help us?

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