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Wow, I'm finally getting a horse!
Amazing. Can't believe Dad said Yes! [Big Grin] After all whats happened in the last few weeks (a tornado whipped through our property, tearing up our machine shed, bull/garden shed, outhouse and half of our barn). But a amazing thing happened with the tornado, it ripped up things that we were going to tear down anyway! Trees that were in the way of building our new barn, tearing down the old one and other such objects in the way. Now, saying the tornado was a blessing is a little far fetched, but it did really help the process of getting a horse.
what are you looking for? or have you already found the perfect buddy?
thats great news (getting a horse not the tornado) i think i read that you are getting a paint mare in another post so please tell me all about her her
Well, if there is anything positive that can come out of a tornado, I'd say this would have to be it. Make sure you post plenty of pictures of your new horse when you bring him home.


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The animals remember,
The earth remembers,
The stones remember,
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yep, she is a 4 year old paint mare I have being training for the past 2. Also the 2 ponies that are stabled with her (i bought one, my sister bought the other). The guy I bought them from really needed the money then and so offered all 3 for a really good price. I'll try and get the picture of her ( or them) really soon.

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