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another wormer question
was in the local feed store and seen a wormer in pellet form. Has anyone tried this and is it as effective as other wormers?
AL, was that by chance a daily wormer? There are a couple such products on the market. My only concern would be consistently feeding the same type of wormer. If one subscribes to the switch wormer products every other treatment, it seems to me using the daily feed-thru wormers would not be effective and could possibly cause the parasites to build up a resistance to that product.

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Dont think it was daily, thought I read it was every two months. But I will go back and check for sure tomorrow.
There are pellet dewormers that aren't daily. I tried it once, the horse's wouldn't touch it but they where picky anyway. I know a lot of people do use them. I think the trick is to have it mixed in enough grain.

The idea with the daily dewormers is that they don't gain the worm pop. and that it would greatly lower the worms in the area. Since there isnt' the worms there they should build up resistance to it. Where if you use a 8 week method you are killing off what is in the horse, many times not all stages of it so that when the next generation comes out the horse gets them, they live in the horse for awhile, and it starts all over again.
Not sure what one you saw, but I know that Safeguard has a small bag that is suppose to be apple flavored so a horse will like it. I think it deworms for one or two rounds in their feed, I've seen it in our feedstores but have never bought any yet. I use Iverease pour on, or a paste and rotate wormers every so often.

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