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temperment ratings
I've seen on some of these horse for sale sites where they rate a horses temperment from 1-10. 1 being very quiet and 10 being hot. Yet some ads say "he's very gentle, stands for farrier etc. etc. and then rate him a 5 which seems a little wild to me for as mellow as they are describing him. Can anyone give me an idea of what to expect at each level?
It's personal opinion. Never count on thos scales. It is very hard to rate a horse like that because sometimes they are very quiet on the ground but a little more hot when riding.

And then how do you rate a young horse? No 3 yr old is dead broke but he might be a 2 on the ground and not given any problems undersaddle so what is he? As a seller you would hate to list him as a 2 because he might only have a few rides on him but yet he has been quiet so you hate to put him too high. Or a weanling?

So sometimes a horse can be gentle and quiet on the ground but maybe it isn't that solid undersaddle so they place them a little higher.

Forget the scale thing go more on what the write up says, maybe keep that number in the back of your mind but then try the horse out to see what it really is like. What is a 5 to you might not be a 5 to me. Or the horse might be a 5 on the ground but a 2 when riding.
I think it is just a general guideline to use. I mostly look at the specifics when looking at a horse. What kind of rider, beginner, intermediate, or advanced. How they are with the farrier ect. I then look at the horse myself with an objective horseperson. I sometimes see a horse listed as a 1 but then say they need an intermediate or advanced rider, does not make sense because i still classify myself a beginner and probally will be for a while.
Agree with above comments. Some people are more honest than others, yet opinion differs with experience.

One horse I was interested in, the site had checklist for suitability...beginner was checked. So, most people would be thinking the horse was suitable for beginners. As it turned out....the HORSE was a beginner!!

But it was a fjord, so I bought him anyway[Big Grin][Big Grin][Big Grin] Didn't find out until I got him![Tongue]Green but worth it all.
I believe the rating is supposed to apply to the horse.
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The temperment ratings are so subjective that I don't pay a lot of attention to them either. As Stormie mentioned, what is acceptable behavior to one person may not be to another.
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Hook, the ad is still there (a year later!) and I checked. It was under rider level says "beginner". I also asked the seller . I can put the kids on him in the arena. His suitability has numerous checks (and he has done all these things, but doesn't make him a pro at it). My definition of beginner would be a horse that would take care of you, which he is not. Bought this horse from video. He is still worth the price I paid.

Learned my lesson (though not sorry about the purchase), be sure to ask the seller their definition of beginner level, temperment, etc. And then, let them prove it when showing the horse. Best to see the horse in person and get a trial period to see if horse is all they claim and what you really want.

Oh boy are opinions different in what a horse is or is good at. When my niece was old enough to get her own horse I looked at a lot of horses. I remember one woman ran a sale barn or something like that. I told her this horse was for an 8 yr old that has been riding for a year but still very much a green rider. She needs something she can show and trail ride. All she kept trying to sell me was 2 and 3 yr olds who ya might be nice and calm now that they are riding them 6 days a week but that could and would change quickly when its a green 8 yr old. Plus not a single one had a show record or been out of the arena. To this woman these horses where prefect for what I needed but to me they weren't even close. My niece did end up with a great mare.

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