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Cloning Champion Horses--What do you think?
Read this article this morning. Thought it would be a good topic of discussion. I' don't really have any strong opinion at this point...just seems a little unatural to me.
I haven't read the article, Flooper, but I have thought about this cloning of horses and even cats & dogs. I think what I have to say will apply to both:

It would seem to me that it takes more than just producing the clone. What makes that horse what he is, is more than just the horse itself. It also has a lot to do with the experiences that horse has during his life and who he comes in contact with. I would think that unless the horse's life is dupicated exactly, that the same exact individual would not come into existence. Any change from the life of the horse that is being cloned would result in that horse responding differently and affect his life as a whole.

Maybe I'm wrong on this, but that's the way I see it. What do the rest of you think?
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Scientifically, it is interesting.

Stories about human identical twins reared apart, and they find similarities but also differences. So, agree with RH, environment amd experiences will make the difference. Plus things could go wrong genetically with cloning , despite DNA being the same. Maybe a horse looks the same, same potential....but to me just wouldn't be the same horse.

I'm not keen of it.
I personally think that all this new cloning technology is great,So we're learning alot.But I think the cloning thing is all wrong, Why give a living being half a lifetime to live instead of a full life?

Sorry but thats pretty much the way I feel on the subject.

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Quoted from article:
"Would it be fun to watch Muhammad Ali box Muhammad Ali? Would it be fun to watch 10 Michael Jordans out on the basketball floor?" said Dan Rosenberg, president of Three Chimneys Farm, one of the leading farms in Kentucky breeding Thoroughbred race horses. "What we do is part business and part fun, and it's part science and part art. If it becomes pure business and pure science, I don't want to play any more."

Good point. I personally feel that each animal is a unique individual and that individuality deserves our respect. I don't want a clone of my horse Rocky, I want the original and when he is gone I willl start a new adventure with a new horse. I think I'd constantly be disappointed if the clone didn't behave or react exactly like the original. And logically, it won't. Its gestation would have been somewhat different, as well as its "mother" and the environment it is raised in, training, etc. Its quite a burden on the clone to live up to expectations. And even if the clone were a good copy of the origianl, who would want to keep reliving the same relationship over and over again? I'm not interested in Groundhog's Day with my horse. I want new adventures. Ever notice when you ride a new horse how you find out you need to work on something with yourself?

Just my 2 cents.
Nancy (and Tag & Rocky)
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If I had the money $150,000 or so would I do it? Probably not.

Seems to me though it accomplishes in one generation what horse breeders have been striving for since time began through line breeding, to make copies of their best horse and preserve their genes.

On the other hand, there would no possibilities for improvement of the clone, unless of course one could isolate and emphasis only the desirable characteristics. My guess is that it will be a tool of the wealthy but hard to imagine several identical horses competing in the same event.

I guess time will tell if the clones are really clones or just good copies. I am sure we will ave more reports on these two.

There will still be winners and losers and the search will continue.
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