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Mama Flash Foaling Pictures
Originally posted by FLOOPER

Hook, great pictures!! I showed them to my 10 year old daughter and she was fascinated. She has seen puppies born, but never a foal.

Fax Don't Lie

Repeat The Fax

Incoming Fax

Fax of Life

Matter of Fax

The Indisputable Fax or The Undeniable Fax

Splash of Flash

Glad your daughter liked the photos.

Mrs. Hook thinks you are very creative with the names and will carefully consider them in her deliberations. She says she has seven months before she has to register his name.
Hook(ed)......on Horses

"The best things in life are nearest: Breath in your nostrils, light in your eyes, flowers at your feet, duties at your hand, the path of right just before you. Then do not grasp at the stars, but do life's plain, common work as it comes, certain that daily duties and daily bread are the sweetest things in life. " Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Appy and Hook--

Thanks for the explanations! Glad you guys know how this works, sheeesh.

I just can't get over how nature has bred in the sophisticated levels of instinct that we see in the animal world. It sure shows up with horses. Mom nipping at the foot to annoy the baby into action, a good example. Miraculous, all of it!!
I wonder if we, as humans, would have that same instinct?

Man does not have the only memory,
The animals remember,
The earth remembers,
The stones remember,
If you know how to listen, they will tell you many things.
- Claude Kuwanijuma - Hopi Spiritual leader

Originally posted by appygirl

I wonder if we, as humans, would have that same instinct?

I think so! For instance, if you feed a baby babyfood with a spoon (sometimes anyone, adult also), there is an automatic reflex that just... happens. Unless you are consciously aware of it and trying not to, your own mouth will open.

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