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Bees again!
I may have to add bees as my pets! Beautiful day yesterday, fjordy-ing up Jake's mane and big buzzing of gazillion bees coming my way!! No time to move horses, I high tailed it upwind and watched them pass by going east. WHEW...didn't bother the horses at all!

Resumed my beautician role, 10 minutes later, a NEW cloud of bees! Moved all the horses down to the arena...these guys decided to hang out and swarm on an Acacia tree the others passed over...problem is the tree is about 20 ft. from the horses! Took them about an hour to gather up to a cluster. Cluster is basket ball size.
[Image: 000_0467.jpg]

Called the beekeeper, he says the should be just resting and go away in 1-2 days, and shouldn't bother the horses. Scouts should be out looking for a new home. I sure hope so!!! Leery with them so close to the horses.

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