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More Red Tape
I just placed my order for my regular grain mix with the feed mill and received a surprise. Seems there's a new state law just passed here in Indiana that's in effect, now. I have been re-using paper bags for my horse feed for years, now, and I guess that can no longer be allowed. Any mixed feed now has to be put into new paper or plastic feed bags. What this means to me is the added cost to my feed of now buying the bags to put it in. Before, if you brought back your bags that were used to transport your feed, you weren't charged for bags.

Now that I think about it, this was probably very good for the environment... the more the bags are re-used, the less bags needed for the job. Now, we'll have tons of paper and plastic bags to get rid of and no place to do it except the trash! JOY!!!

Don't get me wrong. I totally understand that this is, once more, to control the spread of harmful deseases to other domestic animals and maybe, eventually, people, but this is getting old... all these rules and regulations. It's rediculous[Sad!]!!!
Another reason might be to avoid mix ups where something like a horse mix put into a bag used for a cattle mix. Since some of the stuff they use in other mixes are toxic to horses that could cause a problem.

What about the huge grain bags that some farmers use? They aren't that cheap so they aren't going to want to buy new ones each time when they have prefectly good usable ones.
I used to reuse the plastic bags too but the feed store I used quit recycling them a while back. I get feed in paper bags now and the empties are stacked in the shed. I'll use some of them to mulch around the tomatoes in the garden and probably around some of my perenials & shrubs. They make great garbage bags for twine & other stuff that accumulates and if my boots are muddy, I'll throw one in the floorboard.

Paper bags are much more environmentally friendly than plastic so even if they're thrown away they will disentegrate in this century. LOL!
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PG, now I know the 'secret' to your gardening success and why your backyard is so gorgeous! ;o)


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