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Spring is here...and so are the BEES!
Reminds me of the time I was lobbing weeds out back when I heard this humming sound. I looked around and saw nothing when it occurred to me it was coming from my feet. I looked down to see a swarm of hornets from my ankles on down[:O]! I screamed in terror, dropped the lobbers, and ran! Later that evening Steve & I went back out and found the hole in the ground. Good ol' Raid Wasp & Hornet killer took care of them[Wink]!

Bones, you make me sooo jeolous[Big Grin]! We had warm temps about a week ago. Now, they're calling for highs in the low 30's for today & tomorrow with a possibility of snow tonight & tomorrow! Predicted low for tomorrow night is 19[Sad]! I can't WAIT for Spring to break for real around here!

Stormie; I had no idea that hornets kills flies! Do you know if wasps do? We've been fighting wasps around our home ever since we've lived here. It seems they get a little less each year, but we have never gotten rid of them totally.
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Not sure if I remember this correctly but all hornets are wasps but not all wasps are hornets...or maybe it is that they are all the same thing....Not sure about that. I didn't look to see if they both kill flies. The ones we had in the barn wall where what I call hornets, the more pill shaped, fat things but not as round and fat as bees and they had yellow stripes I think. What we call Wasps are the ones with the hourglass shape. The ones I saw killing flies where more hourglass shape, HUGE things with white stripes. When the hornets where in the back wall I didn't see as many flies but we didn't have any animals up close to the barn. Last year we had two bucket baby calves and the pups so they just where magnets for the flies.

I'm going to try the little wasps that kill of the flies this year and see if that will help keep the wasps down because of the lack of flies.
From your description, sounds like what you had were white faced hornets... not sure though.
I didn't know they would go after the flies. I'm thinking I would rather have the flies.
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I'll take flies anyday over them things. But I'm hoping that getting the fly pop. down will help get them gone also. Those little bugs that lay thier eggs in fly eggs don't sting or bug humans so those are better then wasps and flies.

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