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Horse transport companies for the East Coast
Hi Everyone-

I am thinking of buying a horse I like from out of state. I am in Mass. and the horse in N.C.
If I do so, I need a reputable transportation company to use. Any ideas if I should call the company based on the pick-up or destination state. Does any one have any recommendations on particular companies and/or what I should ask them? Any ballpark figures of what this would cost?



Forget where you click, but has lists of many states of haulers, or can just click a button and request quotes, you'll get several answers. Good luck!
Thanks for the website recommendation- it was very helpful. Several transport companies got back to me with quotes within hours.

-myfirsthorse (and now I should change my name to mysecondhorse)!
Might want to look for the shortest route/time spent being hauled. May cost a bit more, but worth it for your horses health. Hope that helps too.

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