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WOOHOO!! Got my horse tonight!!!!
Hi! Ok, I am so excited I'm about to burst! My horse is the arabian mix--remember I posted about how tall a horse should be? Anyways, she came home tonight and poor thing is so stressed out!! There are no other horses here that she can hear or see so she is stressing. She keeps calling out to other horses, and noone is answering her! It is breaking my heart.[Sad] The good thing is, we are off tommorrow to pick up this mini donkey that is great with horses. So, at least she will have him as a companion until we get another horse. But, needless to say, I want to sleep in the barn tonight with her!!! [B)]
I went to check on her (one last time) tonight, and as I was walking up she winnied at me, then when I left she called out to me like, "HEY! Where are you going??"
I'm not sure how good I will sleep tonight!!! [B)]
Just wanted to share--I am sure I will be back here asking a ton of questions-
She is my first horse that I actually own. I took care of her for a few months a while back, so I know what it's like but now she is mine!
And, at the time she was being fed off of a round bale, got too fat, so now Im feeding 2x per day--joy--that means getting up early still on the weekends!
How many of you delay weekend morning feedings by an hour or two? Would that be really bad?
Thanks for hearing me babble on!
Delay week-end feedings????? What? Are you thinking about abusing your new horse already?!!!!!
(LOL) WE DELAY THEM ALL THE TIME. After all, normal morning feeding happens here at 4:30 am. It should be fine. Congrats on your new horse!
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Getting up early on weekends is part of the ritual of owning a horse. Kinda like the Pony Express. Rain, snow, sleet or shine, Sick or not, through vacations, holidays, and by the way say good bye to those leisurely evening somewhere after work. Have to rush home to feed the horses, leave early to feed the horses. Find a reliable horse sitter now. Smile
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I do delay feeding a bit on weekends; 4:15 a.m. on weekdays is when they usually get fed, and on weekends, it is closer to 6 a.m. It has never seemed to bother them much. But...I do feed them a little more hay the evenings before my "leisurely" mornings!

Congrats on your new horse! Hope she settles down soon. Tell us more about her, and pictures would be nice, too!

Good for you! Enjoy this baby now! We delay feedings sometimes on the weekends too. The "nicker's" on those mornings are more anxious than the soft, welcoming one's on a regular day. I'm glad you went ahead and bought this one. You are comfortable with her. And she will settle into the new routine soon. I'm anxious to see the pictures, especially of the mini donkey...they are so cute!

I don't think delaying feeding on weekends is a big deal! Besides, you'll need to rested up so you can clean stalls, haul hay & feed & clean tack. LOL!
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[Image: th_horse-galloping.gif]  

Hello again! Would you guys completely expect a horse to be very flighty or nervous just arriving at a new place and having no "herd" company? I went to feed her this morning--couldnt sleep late! Too excited![Big Grin] and she is so darn nervous of any little noise...she never used to be like this...but I figure it is definately the situation...having to settle in...would you agree??
"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man."

Horses are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

P.S. To those looking for a pic--I posted one on the "How tall should a horse be?" forum in the Beginning rider is such a pain in the rear for me to go out and do the whole photobucket thing over again--I am still on Snail mail dialup and cant connect at more than 28.8!!!
"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man."

Horses are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

Congrats on the new horse!! Isn't it exciting??!!!

Yes, it may take her a while to settle in, especially until the donk gets there.

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but she loved a good man and she rode good horses"
I would be surprised if she WASN'T a little bit nervous. It's a new place and she's all by herself. Anything new is a little scary. She sure will be glad to see little "Eeyore"! She'll settle down a a couple of days. Deuce went from being by himself to having a built in boss (Daisy) and he was nervous for a few days. Give her a little time and extra attention! Enjoy it!

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