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June is always HUNGRY!
It's good that your horse is always interested in eating! Start to worry if she doesn't want to eat. As long as her weight is staying up, I'd say you are doing a good job. Plenty of good quality hay and always access to good water (not iced over) are the keys. There are many ways you can accomplish your feeding needs, as evidenced above. We have 10 equines. In summer they are on mostly pasture. In winter we have them split into 2 separate lots of 5 animals each - one for the harder keepers and the other for the more aggressive eaters. We put the 3 horses that have some trouble maintaining their weight over winter together, along with the donkey and the mule, who are not aggressive eaters. We keep a round bale of grass hay in each lot as free choice hay. Then, I also add a square bale of timothy/alfalfa mixed hay to the 'hard keeper' lot each day. Plus each animal gets about 4 lbs of pelleted feed, a cup of ration balancer, and a cup of milled flax seed each day. Seems to be working well for us, but each horse is different. Just have to watch for weight changes to see if she needs more or less. Be dilligent with the water though.
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