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Can you tell me the difference?
from the conversation of my horses, a hay what you doing,or im hungry its cold come and feed me. is a few noises, they can be light or strong in volumn depending on each personal horse.
However my old mares, that brat is out again and you need to come and get her is a lot of noise and repeated, usually louder, and highter in tone. This emergency call doesn't have to be when she sees me comming in or going out. She can call me out of my house and on occation when Im sleeping like when the baby got out of the fence and could not get back in. It has only been the older mare the alpha who has called because of danger or something wrong.
I have to admit I don't always pay attention to all of my horses daily calls, only the older mare. She is not a usual one to chatter with me so when she startes calling I usually pay attention.
However the baby is always chatty, she chats to any and everyone, about any and every thing. Reba has chose to talk only about food with me at this point. However she greets her rider Amber when she comes home, or is out doors and not by Rebas side.

Hope this helps.

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