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Disaster struck!
Went out on another trail ride the following day this time we took all 3 horses. It was wonderful and beautiful....until we came to this snow machine bridge that we cross all the time. One of the horse went through it! OMG....the horse pulled through okay LUCKY for all of us and the horse! But that shook up the confidence of this particular horse. It was my trainer quarter horse,he is the horse that goes anywhere all by himself. he is the leader on the trail rides and the others follow. Now I have to look for a new place to ride as the horses can not cross this river. God was with us in that moment. Boy talk about a scare. I am so dissapointed that happend I feel that we put a huge bruise in this horses trust in us.
Today I am going to go ride by myself just to see how far I can get my mare. I wanted to share this with all of you....As if this would have turned into a broken leg I would have been devestated.

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