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- Chuck - 01-05-2017

OK...I'd like to start this back up...NEW for 2017

This is my January 5th, 2017 view from my home office.

[Image: 20170105OfficeView.jpg]

- PaintGal - 01-06-2017

I can't see the pic.

Access is denied!

Good idea, though! I'll get a pic tomorrow.

- Chuck - 01-06-2017

...thanks...got it.

- PaintGal - 01-06-2017

That looks like a pool!

I'm still amazed at how FLAT your part of Indiana is.

- Red Hawk - 01-06-2017

Originally posted by PaintGal

That looks like a pool!

I'm still amazed at how FLAT your part of Indiana is.

You have to remember, PG, that the glacier that swept through Indiana flattened most of it before dumping everything it scraped off two thirds of the state into the southern one third [Wink]. I'm always amazed at the hills and beautiful forests of southern IN [Smile].


- Hook - 01-08-2017

The land looks a lot like that in Southern Ontario. We can see green grass with a skiff of snow too.

Looking forward to your monthly photos.

- Chuck - 02-02-2017

Much more cheery today. Feb 2nd 2017

[Image: 20170202OfficeView.jpg]

- Hook - 02-02-2017

Looks like spring has arrived.

RE: Monthly Home Office View - liamjohn - 11-05-2020

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