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- EZ2SPOT - 02-23-2014

First it was Paintgal's donkey Indy having a colic episode, and now my dad's donkey Eeyore has a hoof bruise. Eeyore will be 16 this year, we've had him since he was a yearling, and this is the first time he has ever needed anything other than routine shots and de-worming! He is doing fairly well now, and went outside today for the first time in over a week.

Donkeys seem to have very few health problems or injuries, but this hard winter seems to be taking its toll even on them!


- PaintGal - 02-23-2014

I hope Eeyore gets better soon. Are you sure it's not an abscess?

- EZ2SPOT - 02-24-2014

Doesn't seem to be! We had to keep in in for a week, and kept a pad on his foot. The vet did pare it down a bit over the bruised spot, but it never opened up, and he seems to be totally fine now.