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- PaintGal - 11-13-2013

What a simple-good-for-your-horse way to feed hay:

[Image: slow-feeder-two-horses-sharing.jpg]

- EZ2SPOT - 11-13-2013

I like it; looks like a great slow feeder for multiple horses.


- Red Hawk - 11-13-2013

The one thing I'd be worried about is if a horse could possibly chip a tooth trying to get at the hay through that metal grate.

- PaintGal - 11-14-2013

I don't thing that would be a problem, RH. They learn pretty quick to pick through the wires. Joe has a nibble net hay bag which has smaller openings than the wire in the pic and he never misses and gets the webbing instead of the hay.

- Red Hawk - 11-14-2013

Originally posted by PaintGal

I don't thing that would be a problem, RH. They learn pretty quick to pick through the wires. Joe has a nibble net hay bag which has smaller openings than the wire in the pic and he never misses and gets the webbing instead of the hay.

But the material a hay bag is made of "gives" and is softer than wire. Anyway, that's my thoughts. You know; the old quote if there's a way for a horse to harm himself on something, he'll find it.". Actually, I think this feeding method is ingenious... except for this one, if remote, possibility [Wink].

- Colleen - 11-14-2013

Okay stupid me, WHY slow feeders? do horses eat too fast? I see a lot of places where bails are just put out in the field for them, is this not good? Also, the wires looks like they are coated which I don't think would be as bad as just plain plain metal.

- Colleen - 11-14-2013

I found this link on slow feeder and its looks to be made out of plastic, the one in the picture may have been home made.?


- walkinthewalk - 11-14-2013

It's a good idea in theory but in the case of my four, I would need to have four feeders scattered about the front pasture and that would create a whole 'nuther set of problems.

1. Somebody WOULD get hurt.

2. That would be a lot of picking up, moving, and cleaning for me and I'm not doing that. I've got enough just keeping up with the barn.

What's wrong with my horses not sharing such a small feeder? Lollollol They don't share; there is a very defined pecking order out there - lol lol

There'd be fighting until the two leaders won out and the other two would be left with no hay to eat.

If I had to put slow feeders outside, it would be several slow feed hay nets firmly tied to posts at least 20 feet apart. More nets than horses so they could play musical chairs without anyone getting killed.

Last year we had such a mild winter, that I didn't put hay out. The few times I did throw hay, they all walked right thru it, with their noses up[B)][B)]

- PaintGal - 11-14-2013


Making horses eat their hay slower sort of mimics grazing where they get a small amount of grass at a time. It makes it last longer so they eat longer which may help satisfy the grazing need. Horses would need to get along or learn to if it is for multiple horses. Joe lets the donks eat hay with him so I could use something like this fairly easily. IF I was going to make one, I'd make it so it could be moved with a tractor. IF I had horses that wouldn't share, I might somehow put gates on either side so the cranks would have to go all the way around to chase off the other horse. I have a feeling they'd do that a few times then figure out it wasn't worth their effort! The more horses one has the bigger the feeder would need to be or like WTW said, have multiple feeders.

As far as horses getting hurt...they get hurt on everything and anything they can. If breaking teeth was problem, then horses would break their teeth when they pick through a field fence or the horse wire to get to that one lush stem of grass on the other side. The very slight threat of teef breakage wouldn't keep me from using one if I thought it worth making. I know that the webbing gives but what I'm saying is that he NEVER grabs the webbing instead of the bit of hay that he's after. I have no doubt a horse would quickly learn that he won't get hay if he has the wire in his mouth. Of course, you'd have to make sure there were no burrs on the wire. AND...I think you'd have to have some system to keep the wire from pulling up and out when they pull hay out. I don't see anything like that in the pic though.

I'd love to get the nibble nets that you just put on the ground but Joe has front shoes on and knowing him, he'd paw it and get tangled up.

- walkinthewalk - 11-15-2013

While I would be concerned about teeth, especially with my two late 20's fellas who already have tooth issues, my idea of hurt (with my crew anyway)is bit, kicked.

That in turn would result in somebody trying to jump over the feeder to get away, landing dead in the center and possibly pushing right thru the fencing and getting sliced up. At least that's how I see my luck running with something like that[B)]

I'm not 100% against the concept in certain situations; I just see those little feeders as a huge accident waiting to happen, where my crew is concerned.

My horses are on enough pasture that they rarely want hay outside anyway, and I do have a slow feed hay net for one of the IR horses[Smile]