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- TheMadHatter - 02-27-2012

Went riding for the first time this year with the family. Everyone did great! Its also the first time Blue has been ridden since his surgery and man was he full of life and so happy to be "out of the house" for a change! lol

[Image: DSC_2585.jpg]
[Image: DSC_2640.jpg]
Dad wanted to ride Blue a bit since he never gets to.
[Image: DSC_2641.jpg]

and I just realized and didn't get any pics of Joker today! [:I] oops....lol
I took this one yesterday. Guess it'll have to do!
[Image: DSC_2520.jpg]

- BethAnn - 02-27-2012

It was a good day to ride, glad you did!

- PaintGal - 02-27-2012

Beautiful horses! I'm glad you guys were able to ride together.

- EZ2SPOT - 02-28-2012

I agree, the horses all look great! I can tell they are all loved and well cared for! Glad you got in a good ride. I've yet to scramble into the saddle this year.


- Hook - 02-28-2012

Thanks for sharing. Your horses look great and it is nice to see that it is warm somewhere. Still wet and cold here in Southern Ontario.

The horses came in last night looking like they attended an all day mudd wrestling event and lost.

- Caleigh - 02-28-2012

Your horses do look great. I can't believe how clean they looked.

Hilarious Hook. Good way to put it. I must say Mannie came in much the same as your horses did!!

- TheMadHatter - 02-28-2012

Its actually been kind of dry here the past few days, which I'm super thankful for. I'm getting tired of all the storms. I don't mind mud but when I have to slog through it to get to the barn, I really build up a deep hatred for the stuff lol [Wink]

- fracturedbones - 03-02-2012

Very cool picutre of Joker. Does he do modeling on the side???? [Big Grin] I think he posed for the picture in my dining room....which is my most treasured piece of wall art!!

[Image: 002-6.jpg]

wish I could post them side by side to compare!