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- BethAnn - 11-23-2011

Do you have any unused horse toys in your barn? Lovie is bored stiff and needs something to keep her mind busy. Must be cheap or free.

any christmas presents can be sent to her at
Lovie Stewart
12345 Crawford rd nw
Palmyra, In. 47164

- Stormie - 11-27-2011

My two young ones love toys and I have found that basketballs and other sport type balls last them awhile. If you watch for them at yard sales and second hand/thrift stores you can normally get them cheap. One of Aedan's favorite toys is an old wheel borrow tire. It got a hole in it and I replaced it with a solid rubber one and Aedan loves to throw it around.

- BethAnn - 11-27-2011

I remember this pair of mustangs that lived next door to me in Reno had a car tire they used to play with , it was very entertaining to just watch!

- Jacobs Buddy - 01-02-2012

My Jake loves his Giant Knotted rope dog pull toy. I got it for him at Fleet n Farm. Of course he will play with anything that is not nailed down and some things that are.

- BethAnn - 01-02-2012

I got a few of them think I might have to take one out and see what the girls think!