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- LindaOz - 07-30-2008

I'd like an Aussie with at least a 4" deep seat, 19 or 20" seat, no horn, fleece underside with a gullet of 6.5" and medium size tree.

I have:
20" Snowy River with horn. New. 6.5" gullet but bottom too wide for my horse. Brown and tan. $250 or trade.

19" Specialized Western Trailmaster saddle. Honey colored with darker seat. Brass & silver star conchos. Great condition with slight scratching from stirrup leathers/buckles. 2 years old. 6.5" gullet. Attachable velcro pads make this fit almost any horse. Extremely comfortable. Paid $1650 - sell for $1350.

Sydney Saddleworks 19" Aussie saddle. 3 years old. Super good quality. Weighs about 25 lbs. Horn. I believe this is a Bush Trailmaster, although the model is not imprinted on the saddle.
Excellent condition. $300.

I can send photos to anyone interested in any of these saddles. If you have the Aussie I'm looking for I can buy or trade.