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- littlebit - 07-24-2008

Fjord/Arabian cross (Fjorab). Combining the refinement of the Arabian with the steadfastness and coloring of the Fjord, this handsome guy will be a wonderful future riding or driving horse. Sire's pedigree reads like the Who's Who of the Arabian world including these champions: *PROBAT, *BASK, ASIL LEGACY, BEY ORO, BEY SHAH, BAY EL BEY.
Foaled April 27, 2008, imprinted, ties, leads, picks up his feet. A deposit will hold him until weaning! $1995 Payments possible, boarding, training, lessons available. Located in northern California

- Hook - 07-25-2008

Sounds like a pretty unique fellow. I have too many horses now but would love to see a picture.