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- ILoveJoe - 10-29-2006


I was gender confused. [:I] I thought Terra was the gelding, so I have seen pictures of the mare, I guess then it is the gelding I am looking for.
I like Terra btw. Of course I am biased on Appaloosas.
Joe can not be FAHR because he goes back to Impressive on his grandsires side Impressive Brother.

Something I am very glad to see in the pictures of riders on this forum are the helmets. I always wear a helmet, the only time I did not my husband decided to take pictures of me. Usually he is off taking pictures of other horses and riders. [Sad]

I went to Rudy's Ranch in Salt Lick Ky this past June with Joe (our first ever camping trail ride) and I was the ONLY rider with a helmet. In the whole park. It was only the 4th time Joe had been on trails and he did very well. My friends expected him to act like the fool they saw chasing mares in the pasture and were really impressed that he did in fact have sense.

I Love Joe 'ferever'

- Red Hawk - 10-29-2006

Nope, Dove's the gelding[Big Grin]. LOL

I like Joe's looks, and as long as he suits your tastes, that's all that matters[Wink].

Actually, I didn't even buy my first helmet until early last year(2005). And it was everyone on here that convinced me that I should be wearing one. It's the best investment I've ever made[^][Wink].

I sure hope you stick around and tell us more about your adventures with Joe and how your training goes with Rocky[Smile].

- PaintGal - 10-29-2006

Welcome to the Board! [wave]

My horse is Joe too!

Where in KY do you live? I'm in southern Indiana.

- fracturedbones - 10-30-2006

Welcome! Love the photos and your horses. Your Appy looks stocky in the first pic. I love that look.

I have the entire series of Gunsmoke (20 yrs! Get sick of regular TV junk), started watching it for the horses mostly. They have had a couple of appys on that were drop dead gorgeous...stocky, colorful, tanky and white sclerae...your guy's build from behind reminds me of them....quite beautiful.

- Chel - 10-30-2006

HI glad to see another newbie like you have waited a long time to own a hore of my own and your Joe is the bomb as my doughter will say hehe like PaintGal I'm in southern In where are you at.. I've learnd alot on this fourm I haven't had a horse in 20yrs so much to relearn and I like talking to people who like the same things So with that HI>>>

- ILoveJoe - 10-31-2006

I am in NKY.

And I think Joe is 'da bomb' too. Whenever anyone is introduced to me with the name Joe I say "Oh My horse is named JOE!!" People tend to avoid me alot [Big Grin]

I was NOT looking for an Appaloosa. Those are the horses I fall off of!!
But needless to say I kept thinking of Joe, and turning down free horses.

Here is what Joe looked like the day I decided to buy him in January 2005.

[Image: joe_body_shot.jpg]

and here is Joe in July of 2006

[Image: DSC_0121.jpg]

Those are huge bites on his neck from his forays into 'mareworld'. He had just gotten a bath (he was all sweaty from his dating attempts) and he was all lubed up with Biozide Gel from a multitude of wounds. So he was looking a little 'sexy'.

And here is Joe in October 2006 standing 30 feet from my side door.

[Image: DSC_0165.jpg]

Joe is 14.2 and I am 5'2" so we are a good match in size. He has gained about 70 pounds since he is out on pasture and is getting woolly again. You could call him 'tanky' I just call him fat a**.

- hmeyer - 10-31-2006

Joe sure is looking good. Nice eye, too. He looks happy.
Wow, that was a pretty nasty bite on the neck! Looks like he had a lot to learn in handling the 'chicks'. Poor feller, I bet most of the men on here can relate.

- Red Hawk - 10-31-2006

Originally posted by hmeyer

Joe sure is looking good. Nice eye, too. He looks happy.
Wow, that was a pretty nasty bite on the neck! Looks like he had a lot to learn in handling the 'chicks'. Poor feller, I bet most of the men on here can relate.

I've always heard that a mare not in season can teach a stallion manners quicker than anyone[Wink].

- hmeyer - 10-31-2006

You ain't a kiddin' there.

- ILoveJoe - 10-31-2006

Thanks Hmeyer,
I think that was Joe's "hickey".