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- 3B_Lady - 03-30-2006

My mare, Blue, foaled early this morning! Another little philly! Couldn't get close to get pictures until late this afternoon and then didn't have much time before she was gone back to the pasture. Momma and baby appear to be doing good! I have to watch her with binoculars! Ha Ha Found the "sacks" and it appeared that nothing was missing, so that's good. Hopefully, I'll get some better pictures of her in a day or two and I'll get a chance to check the little philly out.

[Image: Coco3.jpg]

[Image: Coco2.jpg]

My husband wants to name her Coco because her color looks like chocolate. We'll see...

- appygirl - 03-30-2006

Congrats! Can't wait to see the pics!

- Horsecrazygirl - 03-30-2006

I can't wait for the pics either!

- PaintGal - 03-31-2006

Congrats on your new filly! [clap]

- Hook - 03-31-2006

Congratulations on your new baby.

- 3B_Lady - 03-31-2006

Hey! Thanks for the compliments on our newest baby. We still haven't been able to get close to her. Blue won't even come in from the pasture for her grain! Maybe tomorrow....who knows? For now, we just have to settle for using our binoculars! Ha Ha
I have a question for you experts out there, by the way. Is it common for a blue roan and a black/overo to produce a brown and white foal? That just amazes me. Unless the previous owner made a mistake on the Breeders Certificate. I don't know anything about the breeding world yet. Got a lot of reading and studying to do evidently! But it just looks odd to me to see Blue running around with this little brown and white foal!

- Stormie - 03-31-2006

If it is a True Blue Roan and not a misnamed Dark Bay Roan it isn't possible for them to have anything but Black or red, no bays or browns. BUT foal color is tricky. A black horse is not born black but normally what people call Grulla or dark bay looking. After they shed out the foal fuzz then they look more the true color. Likewise people get shocked to see a bay foal without black legs. Mother nature set up foal colors so that they blend in, they tend to be lighter on the bottom and darker on top to hide the shadow and they can blend in to whatever is around them. A black foal would stand out to things like big cats and wolves. If he is more brown/grey on the bottom and black on the top he wouldn't stand out as well.

The only colors you can get out of Blue Roan and Black Overo is:

Sorrel/Chestnut Overo
Red Roan
Red Roan Overo
Black Overo
Blue Roan
Blue Roan Overo.

If the Blue Roan is really a dark bay roan then you could also get:
Bay Overo
Bay Roan
Bay Roan Overo

- Red Hawk - 03-31-2006

Stormie; Is there a difference between a bay with no socks and a brown with a black mane & tail? Terra was born with a black mane & tail but no socks. Her papers call her bay or dark brown. I've always thought of her as a dark brown because of the lack of socks. Am I right?

- Saddletramp - 03-31-2006

I believe that it has to do more with the color of her "points", RH. Could be wrong, but what makes a bay a bay is the black points....tips of ears, muzzle, etc., not just the black mane and tail.

- Red Hawk - 03-31-2006

Thanks, Saddle. Much appreciated and that makes perfect sense. One thing I noticed when I reread my post was I should've said "black" socks. LOL!

The only thing black on Terra is her mane & tail. She doesn't have any black on her anywhere else.