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- carver - 03-25-2006

I stumbled across this site by accident, and thought it was great to see people from all walk's of life trying to help each other in a common cause. That is the beauty of horses. Keep up the good work

- Red Hawk - 03-25-2006

Hi, Carver. Welcome to[de] and thanks for the roses. Hope you stick around and let us all get to know you[Wink].

- PaintGal - 03-25-2006

Welcome to the Board!! [wave]

- appygirl - 03-26-2006

Welcome, Carver. Glad you stumbled in; we're happy to have you. DE is the best internet forum I've been a part of. All the folks here are great and have a wealth of horse experience under their belts.

Tell us about yourself and your special horse(s).

- carver - 03-27-2006

A little about myself.I am 50 yrs.old and have trained my whole life.My wife and I teach riding lessons,show,and train for the public.We get a wide varity of horses of every breed and disp.We only take in four a month so I am not limited in the amount of time spent on each horse.We normaly put in a min.twelve hour day, seven day's a week.I still learn something new every day.I am currently getting a lot of big dressage horses at present to start although my passions are western pleasure and team roping.I am woeking my first fresian now and he is fantastic.Huge four yr. old stud,17 hands and a sweetheart to be around.Sorry for being so long but I can talk horses forever.Ride safe

- appygirl - 03-27-2006

Oooo, Fresians, I love Fresians.

Sounds like you'll be another of our resident experts, Carver. Can't wait to read your advice. You are so right about learning something new every day.

- carver - 03-27-2006

I am very careful about offering advice on a horse I have never seen.What will work for me might not be useful for someone else.Horses are simple animals who follow a set of rules without a lot of guesswork.People on the other hand tend to want a quick fix and end up outthinking themselves.So based on that I have a tendancy to offer solutions only if asked.

- hmeyer - 03-27-2006

Originally posted by appygirl

You are so right about learning something new every day.

Yup, that's what me an' Festus say.

Welcome, carver, from another of the 'over half a century group.'