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- PaintHorses - 03-22-2006

Originally posted by Hook

Originally posted by PaintHorses

I can relate to the waiting waiting waiting, my mare is due this week or next but she has had the "Braxton Hicks" type contractions for over a week, udders will swell, then go down, she doesn't have a problem at all with eating her groceries still, matter of fact thats all she thinks about. She has changed in body shape, foal has repositioned and I see movement, she lays down at night, sometimes rolls, contracts gets up and repeats a couple times and then acts like nothing happened. The other night I could have swore it was the night since she was swelled in her privates enough to see a good bit...but NOTHING, today her tail dock is now softer and more defined so I am HOPING this will be the week. I leave her alone as much as possible, checking on her before I turn in for the night but I am a nervous wreck considering she aborted one at 6 months for no apparent reason, but up until now this pregnancy has been uneventful. Sometimes I honestly think she is doing this on purpose to drive me insane!

How is your mare coming along?. When is she supposed to foal?

This is her week, but she has had false alarms, when I called my vet last week he said she should have had it by now because they can go 25 days either way and the signs she was showing indicated she should have but no such luck, if she would have had it last week it would have only been 2 weeks early. She is doing fine now but she would bag up huge and then they will shrink to almost nothing, today she is bagged up pretty good, virtually no creases in between her udders and she has shown other very promising signs that it could be any day now. I'll post some pics when the day comes.

- appygirl - 03-22-2006


I predict Thursday at 2:07am.

- Hook - 03-23-2006

Day 351 -Still no baby
Changed night time check alarm to every two hours. Last night nipples were really, really filled out and milk seem to be just a bit sticky with a slight change in taste but still clear. Today or tonight just might be the day.

Anyone care to predict the birthdate and time?

Camera has new card and newly charged batteries and I'm ready to go. Staying off work today as Mrs Hook has to go to town so I am the designated watcher.

- Saddletramp - 03-23-2006


<giving Hook a hard time>

- PaintHorses - 03-23-2006

Well, let's see...day 334. Bag full, white wax VERY visible, still eating (This mare has a one track mind) just picks slowly at hay and I am going to go NUTS if I leave town tomorrow and she has this foal, and now our weather is turning to fall instead of spring again. I hate this time of year in South Alabama!

Visting the husband where he's working just MIGHT have to wait til next weekend.

- Hook - 03-23-2006

Originally posted by Saddletramp


<giving Hook a hard time>

Really. The milk goes from clear amber, very watery to a thicker stickier amber. Just hours before a mare foals the colour changes to white and the taste turns sweeter.

Just milk some onto the palm of you hand and use a finger tip to taste it. Mares milk has higher protein and lower fat than cows milk.

- Horsecrazygirl - 03-23-2006

Shes going to foal early tomorrow morning I'll bet.
The 24th,Its a nice even number. Yep thats what I'll bet on.

- appygirl - 03-23-2006

Hook! Quit stealing the babies milk! lol

Well since I missed my first prediction, I'll make a second....6/24/06 at 2:13am

At this rate that baby is gonna be solid black!

- hmeyer - 03-23-2006

6/24/06?? It'll be the size of an elephant by then!

- sbower - 03-23-2006

Still holding out for today, Happy Birthday to me![Big Grin][Big Grin][Big Grin].... I think like any good female she will hold off to the very last second, 11:59 PM! Have a great night Hook! Pictures, pictures, pictures!